Nike SB Debuts ‘Grateful Dead’ Collab Dunk With Elissa Steamer & Simon Jensen

Nike SB‘s latest collaboration Dunk pays tribute to the world’s most famous jam band: Grateful Dead. The San Francisco pioneers made vagabonds of thousands—maybe millions—of kids over the decades since their formation in the mid-’60s, with the trademark skull logo becoming one of the most recognizable designs in the history of modern music.

The limited edition Dunk went on sale with an orange colorway last weekend (with yellow and green versions to become available this weekend); Elissa Steamer and Simon Jensen took the bad boys out for a spin in The City, while Ryuhei Kitazume, Pedro Attenborough, Pierre Leze, and Jose Vivero got a touch of yay in Tokyo and Barcelona. Watch the edit, ‘We Are Everywhere,’ above.

The Berrics has been working with Nike SB since the beginning. Check out some of our past projects with the brand, below, and shop our selection of Nike SB in The Canteen here:

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