NYJAH HUSTON — Monster Energy Interview

Nyjah Huston took home the 2017 SLS Super Crown while skating with a concussion this past weekend. He elaborates on his injury in this interview with Monster Energy that was conducted before the contest.

“I’ve been filming a lot lately—street skating with Ty Evans—working on some Nike stuff. Some good stuff is in the works for early next year, Spring ’18. That’s how I ate shit and died, got a concussion, seizure, all that shit. I’m still pretty banged up from that. I still feel like I’m not all there, especially with it being so hectic in there.”

Check the full interview above. It includes Nyjah’s highlights from this year’s Super Crown if you missed it. The bit about the upcoming Nike part starts at 1:14. And for a reminder of what Nyjah is capable of on the streets, revisit the raw clips from his 2013 Fade to Black part.

Nyjah Huston | Fade to Black: Raw & Uncut

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