Sign The Petition To Save Santa Monica’s Historic ‘Rip City Skates’

Sign The Petition To Save Santa Monica's Historic 'Rip City Skates'

Photo courtesy: Sam Catanzaro for the Santa Monica Mirror

We have learned that Santa Monica’s historic skateshop Rip City Skates is slated for demolition. Rip City has been supplying LA with skate gear since 1978, making it the oldest operating skateshop in the city (just imagine how people started their love affairs with skating at this shop!) The business’s landlord has given a timeframe of eight months to move out, but there is currently a petition at to persuade the city to designate the property as a historic landmark. If the petition doesn’t succeed, the owners Jim McDowell and Bill Poncher will relocate. Sign the petition HERE.

With the waves of gentrification and ebbs and flow of the skateboarding retail market, it’s impressive that Rip City Skates has made it this far. You don’t achieve this sort of longevity by just dabbling in skate culture: Rip City Skates has lasted for 41 years because of its true dedication to skating and welcoming, supportive vibe. It’s simply too soon to say “RIP” to Rip City.

We profiled the shop last year for its 40th anniversary—read the article, by Danny Karel, here.

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