‘Pocket’ Spends a Day In Sao Paulo With Tiago Lemos

Tiago Lemos is the bionic man everyone wants to hang out with, and you finally get your chance in Pocket‘s latest episode of ‘Followed’. Unsurprisingly, Lemos isn’t the type of skater who just wakes up, grabs his board, and hits the road… he indulges in a little self-care: a weekly massage; an artisan pour-over (demonstrating proper techniques learned over the course of five days in a coffee class with Wilton Souza); and açaí… lots and lots of açaí. If these are the things that help Lemos keep that world-class pop poppin’, then why not follow in this renaissance man’s footsteps? Check out Lemos’s ‘Followed’, above!

Take a look back at some of Lemos’s work with us, below, since 2016:

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