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Pocket Skate Mag Follows Hermann Stene

Pocket Skate Mag returns with another episode of their superb day-in-the-life series, ‘Followed,’ with Hermann Stene in his home town of Larvik, Norway. Cruise through the small park he’s constructing right outside his house, explore his mom’s skate shop, and hit various spots and parks in Larvik. Hermann’s skateboarding is unmatched, and we’re thrilled to provide you with this exclusive peek into his world. Featuring Bjørn-Åge Høglund, Lil Herm, and the indomitable Mamma Stene, get ready to soak up the essence of Stene’s skateboarding.

Watch the full episode, filmed by Vi Duc Truong and edited by Makke Bengtsson, above!

Pocket Skate Mag kicked off their ‘Followed’ series back in 2018 with the one and only Carlos Ribeiro. Check out some more memorable episodes from ‘Followed’, below.

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