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Quasi Skateboards Presents ‘Simulation”

This just in. Scientists have previously agreed that the likelihood of us living a simulated reality lands around 50%, but thanks to the brilliant minds at Quasi Skateboards, we have just confirmed that theory is true in their latest video, ‘Simulation.’ Okay, maybe they haven’t confirmed it 100%… but it’s the only theory we can come up with to explain the clips these dudes have been stacking.

In what feels like a viewing of experimental jazz, ‘Simulation’ cuts through the noise with an rhythm and aesthetic of it’s own. The video kicks off with Jason Nam before making way for Dane Barker, Josh Wilson, Nick Rizzo before newest Pro Jon Rowe shuts down the video and basically breaks the Matrix. Simulation comes complete with a companion Simulation Book and other apparel available on the Quasi website.

Now turn on, tune in, and drop out of the Simulation with Quasi, above.

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