Must Watch: Ryan Lovell’s Documentary About DJ Stewart

It’s the first day at your new job. You worked hard to get there. You’re feeling excited about the future as you fill out your onboarding paperwork. All of the sudden, darkness washes over you. Groggy, you wake up in a hospital bed. The doctor walks in and says that you had a seizure. Then he breaks even worse news: cancer. Brain cancer. The really bad kind. Less than two years to live. That’s what happened to DJ Stewart in May of 2019. Skateboarder, business owner, husband, friend, family man, and overall life enthusiast, DJ was living the dream with a lot of life ahead of him. That was until the unthinkable occurred.

‘Rare Enough’—a short documentary directed by Ryan Lovell—takes you on an intimate journey through DJ’s story with DJ himself in the driver’s seat. From his initial diagnosis to countless treatments, this visually compelling film documents how DJ’s attitude, friendships, and the Kansas City community are helping him beat the unbeatable. Watch the video, above!

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