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Red Bull Premieres Madars Apse’s “Forget Me Not” Part

Red Bull premieres the latest offering from Latvia’s beloved skateboard sensation, Madars Apse. In his new video part, “Forget Me Not,” Apse delivers a six-minute extravaganza that encapsulates everything we adore about his unique skate style. Apse’s innovative and inventive skating shines through, showcasing his knack for uncovering remarkable spots and a distinctive personal style that’s all his own. Set to a killer 90’s soundtrack, the video starts strong and ends with a bang. As Red Bull’s global skate ambassador, Madars Apse proves once again that he’s a master of his craft.

Watch ‘Forget Me Not,’ Directed by Ira Ingram, above! Check out some of our favorite projects we’ve filmed with Madars, below!

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