Red Bull Debuts First Episode Of TJ Rogers’s ‘Steady Pushing’ Series

TJ Rogers, who held the title of Battle Commander at The Berrics in 2019 and currently reigns as our Top Squid, has a new video series with Red Bull. In ‘Steady Pushing’, you learn about the Canadian pro’s roots by riding shotgun as he explores the country’s diverse skate scene. Although he currently lives in Los Angeles, Rogers left a piece of his heart in Whitby, Ontario; in episode #1 you’ll get to meet his friends and see what life is like in his neck of the literal woods. Then, it’s on to Ottawa to skate an all-natural, organic quarterpipe (peep more of Rogers’s tranny skills in his loonie Solus entry). Watch the video, above, and stay tuned for more!

Rogers has been one of our favorite skaters for years, and he has been working with us closely since 2013. Watch a handful of his Berrics projects below:

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