Robert Brink Interviews Trans Skater Ricci And Tres

In April 2021, Los Angeles skateboarder Ricci And Tres submitted a virtual run on Instagram with hopes of entering the Women’s Street USA Skateboarding National Championships (which took place at The Berrics earlier this year), making her the first-ever American trans skateboarder to attempt to qualify for the Olympics. Due to IOC regulations, Ricci was required to submit a testosterone test before being allowed to compete. She was unable to meet the short deadline for the test and, despite taking hormones, her results eventually came in much higher than the required levels to compete in a women’s Olympic Qualifying event; her run was not included.

The judges later revealed that she qualified first in round one and would have advanced to the quarterfinals. Robert Brink speaks with Ricci as she shares her story and journey through life as a trans woman and skateboarder.

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