Rodney Mullen Interviewed On The ‘Hawk Vs. Wolf’ Podcast

Rodney Mullen not only laid the groundwork for modern street skating (they call him The Godfather, and sometimes Mutt), he’s also largely responsible for skateboarding becoming a widely used analogy for persistence in the face of failure. His blockbuster TED Talks captivated the world, and he opened a window into a sort of learning process that skaters know all too well: fall, get up, learn. This vicious cycle continues for all of us everyday as we try to get a trick dialed. Mullen expands on this concept in the latest episode of Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis’s ‘Hawk Vs. Wolf’ podcast today.

In episode 28, Ellis and Hawk bring out the raw and unfiltered side of Mullen—someone who maybe has one of the beautifulest beautiful minds in all of skateboarding history. Watch the 2-hour holiday special, above!

For a reminder of Mullen’s influence, watch some of his projects with The Berrics and other video milestones, below:

Unreleased footage shot by Socrates Leal:

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