Ryan Sheckler Opens Up In ‘The Nine Club’ Interview

Ryan Sheckler, proud new owner of a bouncing baby Sandlot Times, is the latest guest on ‘The Nine Club’ and boy does he have stories. He talks about starting to skate at 2 years old; coming up in the CASL contests; skating for World Industries; turning pro at 13 for Almost; why he decided to quit doing his MTV show Life Of Ryan; the infamous El Toro backside flip, and how lying about landing the trick has discouraged from being dishonest to this day; leaving Almost for Plan B; 25 years with Etnies; why he decided to leave Plan B; going to treatment for alcohol addiction and being sober; and skating the freeway overpass from Red Bull’s You Good? video, and filming for his latest part for the brand. Shecks is disarmingly honest in this el Toro-length interview.

Oh, and do you remember ETN? Well, Shecks sure as hell does: 2 and 1/2 hours into this 3-hour interview, Shecks shares the ugly aftermath of his devastating ETN slam where broke both ankles and crushed his L1 Vertebra during the short-lived app’s ‘Face Melters’ segment. More on that in his edition of ‘Battle Scars,’ below.

Check out some of Sheckler’s projects with The Berrics, below:

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