Salba Drops Four Hours Of Sauce On ‘The Nine Club’

‘The Nine Club’ interviewed a legend for this week’s podcast, welcoming none other than Steve Alba (he of the ‘Salba Sauce’… every slappy fiend’s best friend). The 4-hour gabfest goes deep into this pool pioneer’s history—no shallow questions in this deep dive—covers Alba’s early days skating the Baldy pipe (like, 10 years old early); how he became immersed in pools, becoming so advanced that he would search for pools by flying over neighborhoods (he would eventually surpass the 5,000 Pools Served milestone); winning skateboarding’s first pool contest; skating for Alva; turning pro for Kryptonics; being inducted into The Skateboarding Hall Of Fame; and the truth about his relation to Jessica Alba. If you have 240 minutes to spare, definitely check out the episode, above!

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