Santa Cruz Introduces The Henry Gartland Foundation

Yesterday, Santa Cruz unveiled the Henry Gartland Foundation, to advance research, safety, and education around the complexities of the human brain (specifically traumatic brain injuries). Throughout 2021, the brand will be releasing the remainder of Gartland’s footage and three Gartland pro models with proceeds going straight to the foundation. (Gartland passed away in January at the age of 21.)

Read Santa Cruz’s announcement, below:

“Turning someone pro starts long before the actual debut of their first pro board. With Henry Gartland, we had been working on this behind the scenes since the start of 2019. As he continued to push his skating, we all got a front row seat to watch him become the pro that we all knew he would be. When Henry left us back in January it was a loss not only to all of us that were close to him, but to the skate community around the world.

“Although we are still working through this we want you to know that the support and love from everyone out there has been incredible. It is at the request of the family that we move forward with the release of Henry’s pro boards. The proceeds of which will be donated to The Henry Gartland Foundation. Henry’s father, Eric, explains that the foundation will focus specifically on brain health. We ask that you please visit the website and follow their instagram for updates and to learn more.

“The first boards will available around the end of May, which is subject to change. We appreciate your patience and will be releasing three decks total for Henry in 2021.” Visit The Henry Gartland Foundation site for more information.

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