Sk8Mafia Releases 21 Minutes of Raw Alex Willms Clips

Back in 2016, we first featured a 17-year-old Alex Willms on the site, and three years later he was being officially welcomed to the Sk8Mafia team with his first part. Legendary photographer Dave Swift—who had been shooting Willms for a while already—sat down with him for a ‘20 Questions’ interview shortly before the video’s release, and one of the topics was his new sponsor:

“I see your riding for the Sk8mafia these days. How does it feel to be part of such a solid San Diego squad?

“It’s unbelievable! I’m stoked I get to skate and hang with the dudes who have contributed so much to the San Diego skate scene and to skateboarding as a whole. It’s a trip sitting in the van next to dudes whose skating I grew up watching and looking up to.”

It’s been two years since his first Sk8Mafia part, and he’s already proven himself as an incredibly prolific and well-rounded skater who lands everything easily. (We’ve watched him skate in person, not just at The Berrics but at parks and spots throughout So Cal, and can confirm that he is super consistent and diverse.) The brand compiled 21 minutes of his raw clips from his first Sk8Mafia part to give you a better idea of Willms’s process (and painful bails: there is some triggering footage of him doing the splits)—check out the video, above, and watch a couple of his projects for the Berrics, below:

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