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Skate Juice Crew: ‘Down Bad’

We’re thrilled to host Skate Juice crew’s latest edit, “Down Bad”. The San Diego crew’s filmer, Brent Hyden, introduces the edit here: As we returned from our recent trip to New York filming for “Skate Juice 3” (coming August 13th at the Star Theater in Oceanside, CA) we put together this “Down Bad” montage to start making announcements about our full-length film releasing soon. At different points in our trip, we felt times of being run down, down in the dumps, and a lack of energy as filming for numerous days in a row in the humid heat of New York really started to get to us, being skaters from Southern California. During these times, we would refer to our state of mind as “Down Bad” which became an inside joke—this made the montage title decision easy to make. Eager to get more clips on the trip, we had to come to the realization that we needed breaks, time to rest, and regenerate the energy we need to perform at the level that we know we’re capable of.

On July 23, we are premiering the ‘Skate Juice 3’ promo video at Link Soul (an art studio on Coast Highway in Oceanside) which will be a 19-minute video followed by live music. This montage and promo video are a representation of who you can expect to see in our full length ‘Skate Juice 3’.”

For those who don’t know, Skate Juice is a grassroots skate crew based out of North County San Diego which has expanded to members living in Los Angeles as well. Skate Juice was founded by Hyden, a filmmaker who continues to keep the crew organic and inclusive. Although, as he says, “this is just skateboarding,” he takes these videos seriously and he cares about making an impact on the community and to represent these skaters the best he can. “This crew has a lot of talent I am doing the best I can to help them grow and provide them with the platform that they deserve.”

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