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Skate Register | Geoff Rowley: Staples Center

In our new series, ‘Skate Register,’ we explore the history of iconic spots with the legendary pros that helped put them on the map. In the first episode we hit up the Staples Center with Geoff Rowley for a firsthand history lesson on his legendary frontside 5050.

Ever since Geoff Rowley hit the Staples Center Hubba in 1999, the spot has become a literal staple in skateboarding history as a proving ground for skaters to set themselves apart from the pack. Learn the full story of Geoff’s iconic frontside 5050, hear from Clive Dixon and Chad Fernandez on Rowley’s impact on the spot, and see what other tricks have gone down on the behemoth hubba in the last 24 years.

Enjoy the first episode with Geoff and stay tuned for more iconic spots, legendary pros, and a whole lot more of skateboarding history in Skate Register.

Skate Register | Geoff Rowley: Staples Center

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