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Vague Skate Mag Premieres George Poole’s ‘Red Bolt’ Part

Judging by the look of George Poole‘s latest part on Vague Skate Mag, you would never guess that he recently recovered from ACL surgery. After what would be a career ending injury, it’s a triumph just to be able to skate again, but to put out a part like this is phenomenal. Poole playfully starts his part in the parks, flowing effortlessly and cranking out some incredible lip tricks (that blunt to back noseblunt…) before hitting the streets of French cities Marseille, Paris, Bordeaux and Hossegor, with a few USA clips sprinkled in for flavor, and finishes it off with hefty 14 stair nollie crook. Watch George Poole’s ‘Red Bolt’ part for RVCA Europe, edited by Luc Mazieres, above!

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