‘Skater XL’ Console Launch Postponed Until July 28

Easy Day Studios’ Skater XL, 2018’s most talked-about skateboarding game for the PC, has been on the tip of everyone’s thumbs lately thanks to the recent announcement that the digital release is coming to XBox One, Playstation 4, PC, and the Nintendo Switch this summer (preorders for Xbox One and PS4 discs is available now at select retailers). Unfortunately, Easy Day had to push the XBox One and PS4 releases back a few weeks to the 28th, due in part to “things out of our control” according to the official statement last weekend. Nintendo Switch, however, doesn’t have an official launch date at the moment. Read to company’s statement, via Twitter, below:

Like most skaters, we were eagerly anticipating this release. But we guess we’ll have to be satisfied with the Skater XL trailer, above, and our recent projects with legendary joystick-twiddler Walker Ryan, below.

Walker Ryan takes the game out for a spin below…

…and he slips into one of those sexy motion capture suits, below:

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