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The Nine Club Interviews Glen E. Friedman

Glen E. Friedman is next up on The Nine Club‘s impressive and ever-expanding guest list of interviewees. Glen and his lenses has seen a lot in skateboarding, and today he shares some of those experiences with the boys at The Nine Club. Watch above as Glen discusses getting into photography through skating, why his first published photo was a bail, finding backyard pools, his first “real” camera, going to underground punk shows, producing Suicidal Tendencies first album, going to college, integrity in photography, shooting his last roll of kodachrome with Steve & Alex Olson, Tony Alva’s 21st birthday at the Dog Bowl, getting in with Def Jam Records, making books, Rodney Mullen and modern day skating, shooting digital, working on his new movie and more!

Watch the full episode, above, and be sure to subscribe to The Nine Club YouTube Channel for more!

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