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Tiago Lemos drops new part for Souljah Grip on Free Skate Mag

Free Skate Mag has been steadily pumping out incredible video parts, and this one from Tiago Lemos is no exception. The quick footed heelflip in the opening line will make your jaw drop as it sets the stage of what’s to come. Tiago tears through spot after spot with style, ease and his mind boggling pop (peep the switch front heelflip over a picnic table). Tiago’s part for Souljah (the international Griptape company founded by Flo Marfaing, Alex Carolino and Simon Croonenberg) re-enforces Lemos as the king of pop and the purveyor of outstanding skateboarding. Watch the full part, filmed by Eric Iwakura, Alex Kissinger, and Alan Hannon, above!

Tiago has blessed The Berrics with his incredible pop for years… Take a look back at some of Lemos’s work with us, since 2016, below:

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