Vague Mag has been steady releasing some notably entertaining videos over the past few months. It may be a young-ish outlet but Vague‘s already establishing itself as one to watch. Barely a year old and four issues deep, the publication has already worked with the best of the best on the UK & Europe scenes.

The latest Vague post is for Goodo, a film to celebrate 10 years of Drug Store in Norwich, Norfolk (where this forward-thinking homebody has built his living room skatepark). Filmed and edited by Danny Jackson in Norwich, Paris, Barcelona, and Valencia, the video features Tom O’ Driscoll, Jasper Pegg, Alex Payne, Jack Garrett, Stephen Malet, Sam Avery, Vlad Kalynin, Harley Miller, Joe Smith, Dean Khalil, Josh Buck, Joe Barrett, Josh Consterdine, and James Fuller.

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