Nike SB‘s I-58 Tour has been around the country, from West to East (and back again), but none of their previous tour videos included a sloppy, crawdad-eating Bobby Worrest gettin’ his slurp on. That alone is enough to recommend “Sunbelt,” the latest entry in the SB team’s tour anthology (going on its third year).

Worrest’s briney snack is a great choice for the opening shot—tour videos in general need some kind of hook nowadays. (All the slice-of-life clips are kind of amazing, especially this lawl one-two-punch Daan van der Linden splice.) The filmer/editor John Wilson seems to recognize the blah state of tour videos; the YouTube caption for “Sunbelt” basically calls out the stale nature of the tour video, stopping just short of calling it a “tour video”:

The skate tour formula hasn’t changed much in the last 30+ years: Get the team in a van and hit the road. So that’s exactly what we did. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here, just trying to enjoy our time spent on four wheels.

(Did that wheel analogy have a triple meaning? Damn, Nike SB’s copy team is working overtime on this one!)

Keep bringing it Wilson and co. 

“Sunbelt” features Alex Olson, Blake Carpenter, Yuto Horigome, Bobby Worrest, Daan van der Linden, Cyrus Bennett, Jacopo Carozzi, Stu Kirst, Nyjah Huston, and Eric Koston on the road through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

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