Watch The ‘Asphalt Mag’ European Championships Highlights Here

While U.S.A. Skateboarding was conducting its National Championships/Olympic Qualifiers, the first ever European Skateboarding Championship was going down in Nizhny Novodgord, Russia (the country’s fifth largest city). Russia’s Asphalt Skate Mag covered the three-day skate eventKeet Oldenbeuving, Lore Bruggerman, Roos Zwetsloot, Candy Jacobs, Charlotte Hym, Sarah De Laet, Evelien Bouilliart, Ksenia Maricheva, Vincent Milou, Axel Cruysberghs, Jaakko Ojanen, Douwe Macare, Maxim Habanec, Simon Deprez, Konstantin Kabanov, Joseph Garbaccio, Egor Kaldikov, Richard Tury, Gabriel Ribeiro, and many others.

Watch our recap of the U.S.A. Skateboarding event in Vista, California, here.

The big winner of the Men’s European Skateboarding Championship event should come as no surprise to regular Berrics viewers. Vincent Milou got first place in the Semis AND the Finals, tearing through the course like a hot knife through a super soft block of brie cheese (left outside in the French Riviera on a summer day). Check out some of Milou’s projects with us below!

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