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Watch The SK8MAFIA Video 2023 Here!

If there was one thing that SK8MAFIA has instilled into the skateboarding community it would be to #BringBackTheFullLength. Since 2011’s “The Sk8Mafia Video,” the SD based board brand has notoriously put out full-length videos every couple years and this week we’re treated to the latest installment of Sk8Mafia full-length fun. Enjoy full parts from Masaki Hongo with Shintaro Hongo & Ralu, Brandon Turner, Alexis Ramirez, Jamie Palmore with Javier Sarmiento & Dan Connelly, Tyler Surrey with Marshall Heath, and Wes Kremer, before Alex Willms shuts shit down with some of the heaviest handrail hits you’ve ever seen in The Sk8Mafia Video 2023, by Dan Connelly.

Check out some of our favorite content pieces with SK8MAFIA riders, below!

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