Zero’s Jamie Thomas Tackles 45 Tricks For His 45th Birthday

They call him The Chief, and for good reason. Jamie Thomas has long been a driving force, fearlessly moving skateboarding forward with a singular vision that has been emulated repeatedly for the past two decades. He might be the most hands-on pro working today, acting as writer/producer/editor/director on essentially every project he’s involved with—even the recent Zero United Nations, which he edited himself.

For his 45-year birthday (time flies) Thomas headed to a local park to film 45 tricks. It took him over 4 hours, but that might just have been because Dane Burman was filming him.

We’ve worked with Thomas for hella years, and he’s been an integral part of dozens of Berrics projects. Watch some of them, including his astounding star-studded (really) Battle Commander, below:

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