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Bloom: Iowa | Cariuma Visits The Largest Skatepark In America

The Berrics traveled with Cariuma all over America to create a new series that breaks the mold for skate edits, ‘Bloom.’ Between battling the rain and hitting the streets, the team meets up with icon Mike Vallely and ends up in the center of the largest skatepark in America. Featuring Le’Andre Sanders, Tyler Peterson, Cody Cepeda, Becker Dunn, Timothy Johnson, Levi Löffelberger and Lucas DeLao, if there’s one brand in bloom, it’s Cariuma.

Score by Ryan Marth at Siren Sound
IG: @ryanmarthmusic
“inner river” by Reuben And The Dark from the album ‘Un love’ on Arts and Crafts
IG: @reubenandthedark
“Summer of ‘42” by Kishi Bashi from the album ‘Omoiyari’ on Joyful Noise Recordings.
IG: @kishi_bashi

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