Bronze 56k Bring Order To Disorder In ‘PTSD’

Bronze 56k is having quite a week: Wednesday’s ‘Radio Mix’ has kept homebound heads nodding (Goddamn this hilarious mixtape made our day) and today the brand dropped its latest cutting-edge edit, ‘PTSD’, shot mostly in the streets of New York. Bronze’s avant-garde found footage Y2k-wave edits are legendary, and are highly influential—each new Bronze edits sets off a tidal wave of inspired “homages”—and this one is no exception, proving that you’re never too young to have a Vietnam flashback. As always, this Bronze edit is gold.

‘PTSD’ features Mark Humienek, Josh Wilson, Brad Cromer, Dick Rizzo, Buggy, Jordan Trahan, and many more.

Check out some of our past work with Cromer and Trahan, below:

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