Download Vague’s Free Isolation Physio Routine Guide

Download Vague's Free Isolation Physio Routine Guide

Charlie Munro stretching it out. Photo: Reece Leung

We’re all experiencing a slightly less active lifestyle lately, but eventually that will change and we’ll all be able to hit the streets again. However, if your body isn’t quite ready for a sesh it could mean injury. Vague Mag wants to help prepare you for impact, so they teamed up with The Skateboard Physiotherapist (aka Ben Rowles) to make the transition easy for all us couch potatoes; the mag’s free Isolation Guide gives you tips on how to stay limber—even if you’re sedentary for most of the day. Basically: stay ready and you won’t have to get ready.

And this isn’t a typical dry workout guide. Rowles adds some personal flair with his “Tip” sidebars:

“Visual and audio have been shown to stimulate the brain while doing activities that feel mundane, or a chore. Consider putting on your favourite skate vid, or Spotify playlist while exercising. Here’s some inspiration of some great video parts with a rad soundtrack:

  1. Almost Ready – Dinosaur Jr. (Omar Salazar, Alien Workshop’s Mind Field)
  2. Coming In From The Cold – The Delgados (Danny Brady, Blueprint’s Lost and Found)
  3. Don’t Realize – Beanie Sigel (Stevie Williams, The DC Video)

Download the PDF here!

We spent some time with fit filmer Jason Hernandez a few years ago for our ‘Life Style’ series. Check it out below:

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