Watch Enjoi’s Summer Camp ‘Panda Patrol’ Recap Here

You know what they say: The team that summer vacations together summer slay-cations together. And Enjoi‘s crew is no exception, with WBATB’s Samarria Brevard, Louie Barletta, Thaynan Costa, Didrik Galasso, Enzo Cautela, Zach Wallin, Travis Harrison, Miika Adamov, Caswell Berry, and more enjoying the nature vibes at last summer’s skate camp. Check it out above! (RIP Ben Raemers.)

Enjoi filmed one of our first United Nations edits at The Berrics back in 2008. Watch that edit, along with a handful of other projects with the brand, below:

…with guest skater Chris Haslam:

…and on the road for Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2015:

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