‘Free’ Premieres éS Footwear’s Excellent ‘Terminal 002’

éS Footwear‘s latest video edit is a blast from the Menikmati past featuring its stable of European tech lords, with Norwegian team rider Marcus Shaw setting the steezy tone right off the bat. Free premiered the video this morning, which also features Enrique frickin’ Lorenzo, Gustavo Dos Anjos, James Bush, Louie Jones, Paul Galleli, Simon Reider, Stevie Culhane, Thiago Lima, and Switzerland’s Olli Weismantel going off with his fakie blunts. Watch the video, above!

In 2015, éS Footwear sponsored our 2Up manual contest; some of that year’s finest wheelies wouldn’t have been possible without the brand’s support. Watch a few of the entries, and our Menikmati retrospective featuring Ronnie Creager, below:

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