‘Free’ Premieres The Levi’s Europe Team’s ‘Interval’ Video

Levi’s Skateboarding‘s European team get the spotlight in the brand’s latest video, ‘Interval’, released at the Free site this morning. Featuring Dlamini Dlamini (the skater so nice they named him twice) in Germany; Conor Charleson, Manny Lopez, and Charlie Munro in England; Ale Cesario in Italy; and Val Bauer, Edouard Depaz, Marca Barbier, Lilian Fev, Mika Germond, and Quentin Boillon in France. (We see London, we see France; we see Boillon hippie-jumping in Levi’s pants.) These guys are tearing up their respective countries, one leg at a time. Watch the video, edited by Jon Wolf, above!

Watch our doc on the history of the 501 jean (did you know that distinctive butt-pocket stitch pattern is called a “batwing”?), some U.S. skate trips we took with Levi’s, and some of our work with Dlamini Dlamini, below:

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