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It has been 30 years since Guy Mariano made his grand entrance in skateboarding. His introductory section in Powell-Peralta’s Ban This was a head-turner, and a head-scratcher. This video introduced the LA Boys—Rudy Johnson, Gabriel Rodriguez, Paulo Diaz, and Mariano—setting in motion one of the most interesting chain of events in skate history. (See Colin Kennedy‘s documentary The LA Boys for more on this.) As a pre-teen, he was full of promise—which he fulfilled in his subsequent parts for Blind and Girl.

Mariano started skating in the mid-’80s in Burbank, California, and over the next few decades he’s managed to push the boundaries of street skating more than just about anyone. He revolutionized what was considered possible on a board with no nose (and which seemed way too big for him) before most of you were even born. Take a deep dive into Mariano’s history with our 5-part “Life On Video” doc series, below, which first aired in December 2014.

A very limited quantity of Mariano’s signed Numbers decks will be available in The Canteen at 5pm PST.

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