Jamie Thomas Interviews Gilbert Crockett For ‘Monster Children’

For issue #64 of Monster Children, Jamie Thomas sits down with Virginia’s Gilbert Crockett to talk about skateboarding, his mother, the brand formerly known as “Mother,” tattooing, clothes, you name it. Actually, Crockett may have too many interests to name. When Thomas asks him how he approaches his varied interests, Crockett’s response is telling:

“I think I’m sort of a one day at a time kind of guy; run on the feeling kind of guy. Like, do I wanna draw today? Do I wanna skate today? Do I wanna work on some clothing stuff? Like, even if I tried to map out a goal in my life, I feel like I’d wake up and be really into skating that day, or really into tattooing that day. I can’t keep track of myself enough to map out these goals.”

Read the edited 2,500 word transcript at Monster Children, and watch Crockett’s “At Home” video for the site above. (Find more information about issue #64 here.)

We’ve worked extensively with Crockett and Thomas over the years. Watch a handful of their projects with us, below:

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