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Jeremy Wray Breaks Down his Color Skateboards COLOR Part

Jeremy Wray is back with the boys from The Nine Club once again to review another video part for the “More Nine Club” YouTube Channel.¬†Sit down with Jeremy to hear about his experience with the short lived “Color Skateboards” to film their one and only team video in 1993. Wray gives us some history of Color Skateboards before breaking down his part, sharing some inside stories from the filming of the video including his opening ollie (still the longest he’s ever done), his switch 180 over the Gonz Gap at EMB, first try switch flip down the 7, breaking 5 boards a week while filming the video, skating Hubba Hideout and his Lincoln High switch ollie, as well as his development of the reissue color boards.

Watch for all of this and more in the full review of the part, above, and make sure to subscribe to The Nine Club’s “More Nine Club” YouTube Channel for more part break downs in the future!

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