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Miles Silvas is officially crunching Numbers after 3 years with Eric Koston and Guy Mariano’s brand. Silvas was among the original team when Numbers debuted in December 2016; he hasn’t revealed details about his next move, but you best believe it’ll be smooth as hell. His departure was announced this afternoon on Silvas’s Instagram. Full caption below:

“Today marks the start of a new chapter. This is going to be my last @Numbers board you see me with. I want to give a big thank you to @erickoston @guymariano and @mrsunnyleopold for giving me the opportunity to be apart of @Numbers from the start. I wish you guys all the best!”

Miles Silvas has been working with The Berrics since around 2010. Six years later we featured him in the second season of our PUSH series. Watch all the episodes, and his BATB 8 match against Koston, below:

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