This Is How Neen Williams Cleaned Up His Act

Neen Williams’s ‘Welcome Back’ segment, filmed in 2015 at the start of his wellness journey

Neen Williams was recently profiled in what gym rats call The Bible—Muscle & Fitness magazine—and he opened about his decision to get sober and focus on his temple. Now with over   six years clean, Williams is hoping that his story will encourage skateboarders to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Health is wealth, as they say, and it has paid dividends for him so far: Over the course of his fitness journey, Williams has been an ambassador for Lululemon, became a certified kettlebell instructor, and partnered with Whole Foods—and his NADC brand continues to spice things up (’tis the season).

“No one ever posted a healthy side of skateboarding, just the grunge lifestyle.”

But the 35-year-old may not have even started down this healthy path if it weren’t for some really bad injuries. His poor knees have been rocked, and by the time he turned 28 he had to have ACL replacement surgery (we documented his recovery and first days back on his board in our ‘Welcome Back’ segment from 2015—above). Williams considers this his wake-up call, saying in the interview, “I decided that I needed to try and better myself at this point… This was the catalyst that switched my whole life around.” Now, it seems like he’s skating better than ever! Read Williams’s full profile at Muscle & Fitness and ask yourself, Do I have the dedication necessary to do this, too?

Williams has been working with The Berrics since his 2011 shared Bangin with Jim Greco. In the past nine years, he has filmed dozens of projects; watch a handful of them below:

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