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Old Friends Premieres Walker Ryan’s ‘Smalltown’ Part

Walker Ryan, the world’s first pro skater/novelist, has dropped his latest part for Old Friends. ‘Smalltown’—like many good novels—has a beginning, middle, and end: First off, Ryan pays tribute to Dave Abair (a close friend who passed away in 2021); the meaty middle contains the aforementioned part; and then you have the credits, which connects the dots and ties it all up in a little bow (the butler did it). So, put down whatever book you’re reading and check out Ryan’s part, above!

Also, Ryan’s 271-page softcover book Top Of Mason is available with worldwide shipping from the Old Friends site, and $1 from every book sale will be donated to Glide in SF which offers meals and shelter services to people in need.

Check out some of the work we’ve done with Ryan and Hamilton over the years, below:

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