Paul Rodriguez Visits The Nine Club Studio For The Latest Stop And Chat

P-Rizzy is back at The Nine Clizzy… let’s get busy. Paul Rodriguez visits The Nine Club for a third time in today’s follow-up to his June 2020 Stop And Chat. In this episode, he talks with the crew about his new shoe; getting back to business after his gnarly knee injury; the story behind the Primitive Skatepark; his Netflix side hustle; the process behind filming ‘What The P-Rod?’; Street Dreams (are made of these); his switch 360 flip at the Santa Monica triple set; and his late-flip mastery. Watch the two-hour fifteen-minute episode, above.

P-Rod has been a regular at The Berrics since the beginning. BATB champ, Run & Gun champ… The 4 videos below account for 9,570,511 views on YouTube (give or take a few); everybody loves P-Rod.

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