Red Bull Releases Trevor McClung’s ‘Etnies Album’ Outtakes

In 2018, Etnies released their first full-length video since 1995’s High 5, proving that good things come to those who wait (for two decades or so). The video, Album, featured Matt Berger, Barney Page, Koichiro Uehara, Jamie Tancowny, David Reyes, Willow, Chris Joslin, Aidan Campbell, Nick Garcia, Ryan Sheckler, Doogie, Samarria Brevard, Ryan Lay, and Trevor McClung. Red Bull released a bunch of McClung’s outtakes from the filming of the video—which spanned five continents—showing you the raw clips behind some of his most memorable tricks. Watch the edit above, and check out the full video at Red Bull TV.

We have worked with Etnies since the beginning of The Berrics. Watch our “EST.” documentary series that we did with the brand in 2016, and some of our Album coverage, below:

Chapter 4 is currently blocked for a music-rights issue, so we present to you…

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