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Ricardo Rivera Releases Independent Full-Length ‘Maniquí’

LA based filmmaker Ricardo Rivera transplanted to the West Coast from Florida, which means he probably knows a thing or two about incredible skateboarding. It’s no secret that Florida has bred some of the heaviest hitter in the skate industry over the past decade, both on the board and behind the lens and Ricardo is just another shining example of the creative prowess and determination that the Sunshine State demands on all that inhabit it. During the years Ricardo has spent out in LA, he has worked non-stop on various projects while squeaking in time in the streets to finish his first independent skate film, ‘Maniquí’ featuring some of our favorite LA locals like Monica Torres, Trevor Colden, Filipe Mota, Manny Santiago, Chelsea Castro, Angel Muñoz, Kevin King, Joakin Goto, and Will See. While the video is chock full of skateboarding, it’s much more than just a skate edit, it’s an artistic expression culminated in the hard work and time put into the streets, fueled solely by their passion for skateboarding. From Monica Torres butter smooth opening part to Trevor Colden‘s heavy closer, ‘Maniquí’ hits hard from beginning to end.

Ricardo Rivera Releases Independent Full-Length Skate Film 'Maniquí'

We asked Ricardo is he had anything he’d like to share about his project:

“The name is “Maniquí” (Spanish for Mannequin). I wanted to play with the idea of what is and isn’t real. Which made me want to create a short experimental film that ended up being divided and cut up throughout the video, separating everyones parts. The idea behind this, is that I wanted the viewer to not only be consumed by skateboarding but also explore a non-linear story telling that re-evaluates and explores a non conventional narrative. Letting the viewer piece together their own story, making it a different narrative for every viewer.

All of the experimental footage that’s in the video was shot in 16mm in different locations throughout California. In the end I just wanted to create a different style of video that wasn’t your traditional skateboard video and this is what it ended up looking like.

I had a lot of fun creating this video with my friends and I thank every single one of them that were behind this project for making it come to life. Much love to all of them!”

Ricardo Rivera Releases Independent Full-Length Skate Film 'Maniquí'

Watch Ricardo Rivera’s Maniquí, above, and make sure you subscribe to his YouTube Channel for his next project!

We’ve worked with Monica, Chelsea, Filipe, Manny, and Trevor numerous times over the years, check out some of our favorite projects with them, below!

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