Ryan Sheckler Talks About His Upcoming Projects With ‘Forbes’

Ryan Sheckler grew up before our eyes in the MTV reality show Life Of Ryan as a teenager, and today the 30-year-old is one of the most accomplished and respected skaters in the world with a charity that literally helps change people’s lives (with The Sheckler Foundation). Forbes sat down with Sheckler for a recent interview and got caught up with all of his upcoming projects, including his web series ‘Sandlot Times.’ (Most recently, Sheckler appeared in Oakley’s ‘One Love’ video, edited to the Bob Marley tune and stressing perseverance in uncertain times.)

In the interview, by Isis Briones, Sheckler talks about who he most wants to work with after all the quarantine madness is over: Edited to the Bob Marley tune ‘One Love,’ Sheckler’s latest Oakley project stresses perseverance in uncertain times. “I love Rodney Mullen,” Sheckler said. “He’s one of my favorite skateboarders of all time, so if there was a way that we could do a project with Rodney Mullen or even Paul Rodriguez, that would be awesome. The crazy thing is, it’s not far out of reach. We just have to agree on a concept or idea of what to do.” read the full interview at Forbes.

Sheckler has worked with The Berrics on numerous projects throughout his career. Watch a handful of these videos below:

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