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Skate Register: The Miami Triangle with Danny Fuenzalida and Jamie Foy

Florida breeds some of the gnarliest skaters in the world. From Andrew Reynolds to Jamie Foy, generations of iconic skaters have hailed from The Sunshine State, and many of them would tend to agree that The Miami Triangle is the most monumental skate spot in the state.

Ever since The Triangle appeared in Elissa Steamer’s “Welcome to Hell” Toy Machine part in 1996, the spot has become a proving ground for anyone visiting South Florida. From up-and-coming locals to the top pros in the world like Nyjah Huston all making their mark on the spot, the amount of tricks that have been done there are mind-blowing in the past 28 years of it’s spot history.

In our latest installation of our series exploring the history of iconic skate spots, we take a trip to Miami with Danny Fuenzalida to learn the history of The Miami Triangle, hear from Jamie Foy on it’s significance to the South Florida skate scene, and peep some of the tricks that have gone down it, over it, and up it, in the newest episode of ‘Skate Register.’

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