‘SKATEBOARDERS WON’ — The New York Times on Skateparks


courtesy of Nathan Bajar 

The New York Times just dropped another article on skateboarding, its second in a matter of weeks. This one focusses on the global proliferation of skateparks. With voices that include Steve Rodriguez, the Tony Hawk Foundation, Ted Barrow, and more, the piece paints an accurate portrait of how skateboarding has progressed to the point where it is currently. And it goes on to touch on how things may progress during the run-up to the 2020 Olympic Games and beyond.

Skateboarding had gone from renegade to recreation. After decades of commandeering streets, sidewalks, parking lots and public sculptures, skaters entered the mainstream. Now New York City, the United States, and the world at large have all seen a surge of skate park development. With skateboarding entering the Olympic Games in 2020, the international growth of skate parks is likely only beginning.

“A lot of funding for recreation is based off the Olympics, so we’re going to see a lot more skate parks and skate facilities built worldwide,” said Thomas Barker, the executive director of the International Association of Skateboard Companies.

Are you ready for a skatepark on every corner? Read the entire piece for more insight into what the future may hold for skateboarding in the foreseeable future.

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