Tony Hawk Shares His Secrets For Long-Term Brand Growth

Whether we like it or not, the modern skateboarding career is all about branding. Thanks to social media, you have more options than ever for getting your name out there—but it can be a mixed blessing. In Go Daddy’s new documentary series Go ForthTony Hawk—a man who needs no introduction—acts as a sort of mentor for three aspiring athletes who are trying to build their own brands (we suggest they listen to him). The Birdman has the Midas touch, and he’s giving you business gold here.

The business magazine Inc. interviewed Hawk about his involvement with the series, and in the process he offered three of his top tips for achieving long-term brand growth. This shit ain’t easy, but you’ll at least stand a fighting chance if you follow the Birdman’s advice. Here are the bullet points: Perfect your pitch; Don’t confuse your product with your brand; and Never stop exploring new revenue streams. He drills down each tip in the full article, available here.

“The challenges you face in chasing your dreams will carry you through the rest of your years.”

In the past couple of years alone, Hawk has produced a Broadway play, performed on The Masked Singer, debuted an apparel line at Paris Fashion Week, cosplayed as Santa Claus, has opened a Mexican restaurant in Newport Beach with a former Playboy playmate… let’s just say that the list of projects goes on and on. Watch some of his videos over the years with The Berrics, including work from our 2019 ‘Tony Hawk Week’ event, below:

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