David Gravette Skates One Of The Worst Parks In Latest Bronson Video

David Gravette is not one to mince words, and if he’s not feeling a spot he’ll tell you in the most graphic way possible so that there’s no confusion. Basically, he’s the best host you could hope for in Bronson Speed Co.’s ‘Worst Skatepark Ever’ series. In this episode, Gravette’s latest victim is the David park in Gresham, Oregon… How did this get made? The state is a constant source of fodder for these ‘Worst Skatepark’ clips, but that is not a reflection of the wonderful men and women who make up the great Pacific Northwest skate scene—that’s just where he lives. Watch the latest episode, above, and shop our selection of Bronson bearings in The Canteen!

Gravette was featured in our most recent Battle Scars, and he skated in our 2015 edition of “In Transition,” filmed entirely at Windell’s in Sandy, Oregon. Watch both of these edits, along with his behind-the-scenes video, Creature’s United Nations, and his “Halloweekend Massacre” edit (also from 2015), below:

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