Flytecc Releases Hyun Kummer Raw Footage

Germany’s Hyun Kummer, better known as Versace Plug, is the definition of effortless. Every clip, right down to the most fast-paced, no-set-up lines, just flows. But most of us have only seen the picture-perfect makes, and very few of the slams… until now. Flytecc has released a 13-minute edit of recent raw clips, with Kummer’s 2020 part figuring prominently. This guy knows how to bail: some of Kummer’s street gap clips are easily 30mph. Hyun is on one.

Flytecc’s raw clips edit also features Ike Fromme, Max Obert, Jun Kummer, and Giorgi Balkhamishvili, and was filmed by Jun Kummer and Leon Rudolph.

We had a front-row seat for that Versace Plug magic in 2018 for his round 1 battle versus Kevin White in Battle At The Berrics 11. (Hyun was on Mike Mo Capaldi’s team and, in his pre-game interview with Chris Roberts, his strategy was to actually LOSE the ro-sham-bo… interesting.) Revisit those videos, below:

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