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Free Skate Mag Premieres Felipe Munhoz’s ‘Devaneios’ Part

CPTMafia‘s Felipe Munhoz has been stacking some serious footage lately and today, we’re blessed with his full ‘Devaneios’ part that premiered on Free Skate Mag. With a fitting name like Devaneios, which translates to ‘Daydreams,’ we might have had to pinch ourselves a few times throughout the part to make sure we weren’t dreaming as Felipe pulls off some of the most impressive ledge and manual combos with style and ease. Pop shuv nosegrind MACBA outledge? No problem. Big spin fakie nosegrinds? Check. Pop shuv nose manual nollie heel down a 6 stair? Say no more. Munhoz has you covered. It’s time to rub the sleep from your eyes, wake up, and watch Felipe Munhoz’s ‘Devaneios part, filmed and edited by Bruno Dox, above!

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