Jackass’s Steve-O Opens Up About His Stunt-Filled Skate History

Jackass‘s Steve-O is known for his fearless hijinx and shenanigans, putting his body through the wringer with an unbridled enthusiasm that’s hard to not admire—just don’t try it at home. It turns out that his experimental masochism may actually have its roots in skateboarding. The 45-year-old thrill-seeker has been skating—off and on—since the 1985 release of Back To The Future, and he even completed his own skate video (I Hate Rain) in 1989… March 19, 1989, to be exact. On the thirtieth anniversary of that video, Steve-O is taking the opportunity to reflect on his deep, deep, DEEP history of skating. As it turns out, he had a fire under his ass for skateboarding since way back… sometimes literally.

Steve-O’s trajectory includes a career in clowning, which incorporated skating as the centerpiece, Jackass (both the blockbuster documentary trilogy AND the hit MTV show), and creative home remodeling. He covers all the bases in this truly awe-inspiring video, and he even attempts to conquer a wallride that has eluded him since his teen years. Don’t worry, this isn’t a ten-minute slam section; this is a retrospective that adds some complex layers to a man who has put himself in harm’s way for our entertainment over the decades. Steve-O, we hardly knew ye.

Read Steve-O’s YouTube description below:

“It was thirty years ago today (3/19/1990) that I filmed the outro for, and completed, my very first skateboard video. To celebrate this anniversary, I not only created a compilation of the best skateboarding tricks I pulled off over the last thirty years, cut together with the story of my evolving relationship with my skateboard— I actually ADDED to the tricks by doing something which has terrified me for ALL THIRTY YEARS! Indeed, there is no video I have ever made which I worked on either harder or longer, so please… enjoy! And thank you!!!”

Check out all of Steve-O’s stunts here!

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