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Jordan Hoffart Interviewed On The Nine Club

On the latest episode of The Nine Club, Jordan Hoffart talks about growing up in Maple Ridge, Canada; entering Tampa Am; riding for Sixteen Skateboards; getting on Powell; acting in commercials and movies; baking Jessica Biel a pie; being the first rider on Bones Wheels; filming for the Powell video Fun; tailsliding the Staples Center Hubba; riding for Stereo Skateboards; filming for “The Berrics Presents Jordan Hoffart”; and how he started Black Plague Brewing. (This episode is 2 hours and 43 minutes long.)

Check out the aforementioned Hoffart part, along with a bunch of other Hoffart Berrics projects, below:

His 2015 Bangin:

His 2013 Bangin:

And we can’t forget this masterpiece from 2014 (not a Berrics production, though):

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